About me

My name is Michael ZIMON, I’m passionate about video since I bought my first camera in 1998 and since 2003 I’ve been making short films, reports, video clips or fake commercials, some of which you can watch on my youtube channel. Today, as a video professional, I want to share this passion in a different way: by creating a blog to share my tips, to exchange with other videographers, to answer the questions I’ve often been asked after broadcasting my videos, to simply share this passion with other amateur or even expert videographers who are passionate about this magical world that is video.

Is this blog for you?

This blog was born from the will to share, to exchange ideas or points of view on this or that subject related to video, all this with the aim of improving and overcoming the obstacles that can arise in the making of beautiful videos.

  • you are new to video
  • you are often lost in the technical jargon
  • the forums do not provide answers to your questions
  • you don’t know how to set up your camera correctly
  • you want to improve your framing
  • you want to improve your editing
  • you wonder which accessories to use
  • you don’t know how to do this or that effect on your video

Then this blog is for you!

My articles will explain you with the simplest language possible :

which camera to use for which purpose
how to set up your camera correctly
how to improve your framing
how to stabilize your camera
which software to use for editing
how to optimize your editing
how to encode and broadcast your videos
color grading techniques (giving a particular colorimetry to your images)

Note on affiliation

I sometimes make articles about tests or try to give you advice about buying equipment. I don’t get paid directly for publishing them, but the links to these products, especially on Amazon, are affiliated, which means that I get a small commission on what you buy, without the price going up of course. So thanks to you if you click on these links!

I would not recommend these products to you if I didn’t recommend them to my own friends! I give an opinion on what I think of the product (pros and cons) and what it is worth, because I want to bring you quality content